Soho Valencia undoubtedly the trendiest neighborhood in Valencia, is located in Ruzafa.

Known as the SOHO of Valencia. Ruzafa is the trendiest neighborhood in Valencia. And we could say that he has risen from the ashes, because despite being in the heart of Valencia, the neighborhood went through a period of decline that almost killed him. Today, after a thorough renovation process, Ruzafa is the trendy area in the city of Valencia, a Valencian SoHo brings together dozens of races, religions, languages. A quiet neighborhood living.

Surely Valencia Ruzafa is trendy. Emergent and full of activity, Ruzafa is a fantastic choice to leave. The cuisine is varied: bars and restaurants served by Ruzafa Market. If there is a heart in Ruzafa, that’s your market. The renewed Market Ruzafa, is the epicenter of trade in the area, which local area, that communicate with pride on their cards and menus are supplied.

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Soho Valencia, Ruzafa is very close to the North Station (and the AVE station Joaquín Sorolla) between the Gran Vía Germanías, Avenida Reino de Valencia, the street Philippines and Avenue Peris and Valero. Its main streets are Swedish, Cuba, Cádiz, Dénia, Literato Azorín … quite famous because there are some of the major flaws of the city are planted, as Sueca-Literato Azorín and Cuba-Literato Azorin are.

If something stands in Soho Valencia are all alternatives for both tourists and Valencians, as highlighted by all the guides that speak of Ruzafa.

RESTAURANTS in Ruzafa, Soho Valencia:

  • EL ROJO. Enjoy the best kebabs in C / Literato Azorin 10.
  • LA MÁS BONITA. The restaurant is triumphing in the city, now in C / Cadiz, 61.
  • TECOLETES. If you like Mexican food it is drop by there. C/ Sueca, 51.
  • EL RUS. Famous for its sandwiches and salads. C / Sueca, 35.
  • COPENHAGEN. In Ruzafa there is also space for vegetarians in C / Literato Azorin, 8.
  • Ubik Café. Take a snack while you enjoy reading in a bookstore cafe is exhibition hall and well. A must for book lovers! C / Literato Azorin, 13.
  • Naia. Try their delicious crepes in C / Romeu de Corbera, 16
  • EL RODAMÓN. A journey through the world of gastronomy in C / Sueca, 47.

Drinking in Ruzafa, Soho Valencia:

  • Delorean Lounge Ruzafa. The new local fashion in Ruzafa where you can taste the best vermouth with the best music and the best monologues of the city. Do not miss it! Germanías Gran Vía, 23
  • Olhöps Craft Beer House en Ruzafa. A space that claims a different way to drink good beer. C / Sueca, 21
  • Cómic. Enjoy a cocktail on the terrace. C / Sueca, 33.
  • Café Tocado. Have a drink and enjoy their shows in this room decorated in a Parisian cabaret. C / Cádiz, 44.
  • Café Berlín. Music, exhibitions, drinks and snacking into one of the hippest of Ruzafa. C / Cadiz, 22.

Going out in Ruzafa, Soho Valencia:

  • Nylon Club. If you’re tired of always roll Germanías stop by Gran Vía, 33.
  • Electropura. Club, concert hall and multidisciplinary space. In Pintor Salvador Abril, 20.
  • Xtralarge. A very different and multicultural space that will make you enjoy the best music in its two environments. Germanías Gran Vía, 21.
  • Play Club. On Saturdays Rock Band Karaoke, will not leave you indifferent. C / Cuba, 8.